The Mother Founder

The Mother Founder Agostina Cassi, born in Florence on March 17, 1864, absorbed the rich and deep religiosity of her parents from the tenderest years.

After the masterful qualification, obtained with honors at the Vatican Schools, she became part of the Religious of the Protectorate of St. Joseph, taking the name of Sister Maria Agostina. In the town of Montefalcione in the province of Avellino, where he carried out his apostolate, he became seriously ill, after a long illness, she miraculously healed.

She founded, obeying a specific request of the Blessed Virgin and behind the counsel and insistence of St. Archbishop Di Rende of Benevento, the Congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart In 1918, prostrated by the labors of this work, preferred to cede the Government of the Congregation.

She continued his spiritual work in humility and in the shadows to radiate from his light of grace and goodness the beloved Daughters and the dear orphans of the House of Varlungo in the province of Florence, where July 8, 1921 died in fame of holiness.

The Congregation

The new institution, addressed with assistance and educational purposes for each social category with particular regard to the needy, flowers, with the opening of numerous Community Houses especially in the regions of Campania and Tuscany.

Our life, our work, we use them, even for those in need of affection, who need love In our humility we try to give and transmit love that in Christian charity and the basis of life, of serenity, feeling loved gives us the force to overcome any barrier, any obstacle we encounter in the journey of our life. Our Congregation wants to give and transmit that love that can give faith and serenity.

Our Charism

We, Sisters Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, express our consecration to God by living in community and respond with special attention to the needs, precious and sacred marginalized treasure of time “because, with professionalism and love, we help them to become part of the Church, in society and to realize a project of personal life in maturity and responsibility.We extend this apostolic horizon to children, adolescents and young people, from the point of view of a culture and a work that combines with wedding ring.


We consider the scholastic structure suitable structures for evangelization; for this reason we create “tailor-made” environments for the recipients of our educational mission, which is carried out with the style of amiability, patience, sweetness, reasonableness, hope and vigilant school successes but above all formative. We collaborate with the laity who share the Institute’s educational project and objectives.


We have emphasized the value of integration bringing into the classes children of all races integrating them; used the methodology of bilingualism overcoming the educational service beyond the compulsory school by establishing second level secondary schools.


Recalling the indications of the Father and the tradition of the Institute, we transform the places of the mission family environments, harmonious motivating and open to the dynamism of life, whose key principles remain: the centrality of the person and the Christian vision of the man and of every reality.


All the people accepted under the one Church of Christ, need to combine the faith with life in the various stages of existence; therefore, in our Pastoral Centers, the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart accompanies them, supports, informs and prepares them so that the message of Christ becomes light in choices and orients the behavior.